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The Gold/Silver ratio measures the relative strength of gold price against silver price. It shows how many Kg of silver it takes to purchase one Kg of gold. An increase in ratio indicates an expensive gold against silver. When the ratio falls, Gol ..... Read more

Would you Buy Gold Now? It is priced 51000/10gm

09-09-2020 Research Desk Comments

A month ago COMEX Gold has touched a peak of 2089$/oz. (Rs.56190/10gm in MCX) then declined to 1910$/oz. (Rs.50500/10gm in MCX). Approximately 30% market correction from the peak so far after the bullish rally from last November according to ..... Read more

Everybody knows the importance of Indices in financial markets. It is difficult to get exposure in all 50-100 major stocks and an instrument reflecting all such stocks gives the exact market sentiment and a hedging tool. Indices have globally beco ..... Read more

Almost $1 rise for the month August amidst the fear of economic slowdown and Industrial shut down created by Covid-19. Natural Gas has never crossed $2 for the last 2.5 years. What makes the Natural gas prices really behave like a gas and how do ..... Read more

Spread trading is nothing but speculation on price difference or opening both buy and sell positions at the same time and then speculate on a profit coming from the price difference between the two contracts or two different commodities. In tradi ..... Read more